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Black Bottom Film Festival 2018

Black Bottom Film Festival 2018

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Black Bottom Film Festival 2018

Black Bottom Film Festival 2018

Fri, Feb 23 - Sun, Feb 25, 2018
  • August Wilson Center - African American Cultural Center
  • August Wilson Cultural Center
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    Day Pass $25, Weekend Pass $55; University student discounts by phone & box office

From age-old classics to contemporary work, the second annual Black Bottom Film Festival will illuminate and celebrate African American cinema and unique Black people. The festival will showcase movies that focus on the recurring themes of spirituality, race, family conflict, honor, duty and working-class struggle, themes ever-present in August Wilson’s The Pittsburgh Cycle plays. In particular, the festival will celebrate African-American filmmaking pioneers of recent decades. The BBFF fosters an examination of how Black filmmakers use art to inspire, challenge, confront, and influence American culture.

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Screenings on Friday February 23, 2018

Tale of Four - Gabourey Sidibe

Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominated actress, Gabourey Sidibe makes her directorial debut in a multi-layered story that spans one day in the life of four different women who are connected through their quest for love, agency and redemption. Inspired by Nina Simone’s song, “Four Women,” this film examines four separate stories reflective of multi-faceted African American women connected by the inner city building that they live in, ultimately converge on one fateful day through unheralded acts of bravery. Duration: 23 minutes

Love Jones - Theodore Witcher

Darius Lovehall is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina Moseley, a beautiful and talented photographer. While trying to figure out if they've got a "love thing" or are just "kicking it," they hang out with their friend, talking about love and sex. Then Nina tests the strength of Darius' feelings and sets a chain of romantic complications into motion. Stars Larenz Tate, Nia Long and Khalil Kain, who will be attending the Black Bottom Film Festival.  Directed by Theodore Witcher. Duration: 104 minutes.

Screenings on Saturday February 24, 2018

Quiet Soldier - Wendell Freeland

Wendell Grimkie Freeland - A Quiet Soldier in the Fight for Civil Rights is a documentary on an important but little known Pittsburgher, African American leader, attorney, activist, and Tuskegee Airman who worked quietly, but effectively, on all of the significant civil rights battles of his time. His inspirational story is a significant piece of American history. Duration: 43 minutes

Odds Against Tomorrow - Harry Belafonte

This cinematic classic, is the first feature film produced by Harry Belafonte, August Wilson Center Global Advisory Board member. The story is a crime drama about Dave Burke, a man who hires two very different debt-burdened men for a bank Robbery. Suspicion and prejudice threaten to end their partnership. Duration: 96 mintues

Cinderella Man -Ron Howard

Nominated for 3 Oscars, this working class drama is a true story about James Braddock, a supposedly washed-up professional prize fighter who came back to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World and a national hero in the 1930’s. Directed by Ron Howard and Production Designed by 2018 Black Bottom Film Festival Cinematic Excellence Awardee, Wynn Thomas, the movie features Academy Award winners Russel Crowe and Renee Zellweger. Duration: 144 minutes

Double Play - Earnest Dickerson

Poverty and wealth are two sides of the same coin in a high stakes game of dominoes where the players confront their lust, desperation and remorse with deadly consequences. Directed by Ernest Dickerson, this film stars Lennie James ("The Walking Dead," "Blade Runner 2049") and Academy Award Winner Louis Gossett, Jr. The movies producer, Lisa Cortes, will be attending the Black Bottom Film Festival. No opponent is more formidable than destiny. Duration: 130 minutes

Screenings on Sunday February 25, 2018

Magnificent Life of Charlie - Bobby Huntley

After her sister Brandy's untimely death, everyone is taken aback by Charlie's unorthodox (and seemingly chipper) approach to her grieving process. However, a note left behind by Brandy for Charlie leads her to discover many things about her sister and herself that she never knew. Follow Charlie and her friends Kayla and Keturah as they go along for a wild, hilariously exhilarating and bittersweet ride - which will surely be the craziest day of Charlie's life. Directed by Bobby Huntley who will be attending the Black Bottom Film Festival. Duration: 87 minutes

Last Life - Michael Phillip Edwards

Produced written and directed by Michael Phillip Edwards ("RUNT", "I AM NOT SAM", "BLOOD", and "SISTER"), Last Life is a tale about Two African-American lovers learn they've been together over the course of many lifetimes and that they must come to terms with the purpose of their repeated union. They are told by their doppelganger spirits that they only have days to live and achieve their goal (healing the divide between a former slave woman and slave man) after which they will die and never return. Edwards stars in the film as well, along with Tamika Lamison and Kobe Reverditto. Duration: 82 minutes

Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different - Phil Cox

The original Funk Queen Betty Davis changed the landscape for female artists in America. She "was the first..." as former husband Miles Davis said. "Madonna before Madonna, Prince before Prince". An aspiring songwriter from Pittsburgh, Betty arrived on the 70's scene to break boundaries for women with her daring personality, iconic fashion and outrageous funk music. She befriended Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, wrote songs for the Chambers Brothers and the Commodores, and married Miles - startlingly turning him from jazz to funk on the album she named "Bitches Brew" then disappeared. Betty Mabry Davis is a global icon whose mysterious life story has until now, never been told. Directed by Phil Cox who will be attending Black Bottom Film Festival. Duration: 56 minutes

Festival Weekend Pass - $55.00 - includes access to all screenings, QA sessions and workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Festival Day Pass - $25.00 - includes access to all screenings, QA sessions and workshops on the one day purchased.

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