the outside of the benedum center decorated for hamilton

Making Memories at HAMILTON

Mon, Jan 28, 2019

Written by: Seth Culp-Ressler

HAMILTON has come and gone from Pittsburgh, charging on to its next run of audience-wowing performances. Nevertheless, the memories created within our historic Benedum Center will live on for lifetimes. And, in this social media age, we all get to share in those memories together.

Hundreds (if not thousands) of posts flooded in over HAMILTON’s four-week run, most notably on Instagram. We’ve seen enough playbill shots to make our eyes go a little bit crossed. Take a quick browse of the Benedum Center location tag to see what we mean.

It was amazing to see the overwhelming excitement for the show. Here are a few choice selections that stood out to us. Oh, and an advance apology if we missed your steller post! Consider this our official Thank You for all who contributed to the revolutionary conversation.

The Perfect Pose

HAMILTON somehow manages to make standing in line fun. With lifesize posters of the show’s iconic characters lining the outer walls of the Benedum, how could anybody not strike their best imitation pose?


Hamilton Round Two, this time in the Burgh with a good friend.

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Lol we tried ⭐️ #schylersisters #brackensisters

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A night to remember

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My Name Is Alexander #Hamilkid

No doubt the cutest faction of the HAMILTON fandom are all the dedicated #Hamilkids. Pittsburgh’s youth were no exception, showing up all the boring adults in their dresses and button downs.


#Hamilton #Hamilkids #A.HAM #helovedittoo

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King George is in the room where it happens. #hamilton #hamiltonpgh #hamilkid

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Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Finally entering the theater — and seeing the gorgeous set on stage — doesn’t help to quell the excitement.


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It’s finally happening!!! #hamilton

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These a.burrs are very excited to see #hamiltonmusical and missing @worbswithfriends #justyouwait

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Can I Get Your, Er, John Hancock?

For the truly dedicated fans, the show doesn’t end at curtain call. Those in-the-know dash over to the Benedum stage doors to catch cast members leaving for the night.


Just hanging with King George. #hamilton #thankyouamy #thankyoupeter

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And with that we bid HAMILTON adieu. Thanks once more to all who came to the show. We can’t wait to see you again in the Cultural District soon.

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