Tito Way Billboards

artwork by Belgrade Raw photo collective

A temporary "billboard" exhibition space in Tito Way features periodically rotating work, including the following on display now:

Artwork Title:

Flashbacks, 2022


Belgrade Raw

About Belgrade Raw | Founded in 2009, Belgrade Raw is a photo collective from Belgrade, Serbia that explores social, urban, and political aspects of city life through photography. Members of the collective are: Darko Stanimirović, Nemanja Knežević, Luka Knežević-Strika, Milovan Milenković, Andrej Filev, Aleksandra Mihajlović, Mane Radmanović, Dušan Rajić, Jelena Mijić, Saša Trifunović and Dejan Golić.

About Flashbacks, 2022 | Flashbacks, by the photo collective Belgrade Raw, explores memory perception, formation, and recall. It also questions how images from memory collate and respond to time. The work plays with the notion of memory and narrative, by combining randomized fragments of city life in Belgrade that could be interpreted as distorted, and changing, flowing thoughts.

The compilation of various scenes also unites the collective thought of Belgrade Raw’s members through recorded images, thus becoming a visual manifestation of the group’s experiences and memories over time. Much of Belgrade Raw’s work has been presented in the public realm. By doing so, the collective also invites viewers to reflect on the ways in which we interpret, and interact with, the ongoing stream of photographs in our daily lives.

Flashbacks is part of the exhibition, The Wind Got Up in the Night and Took Our Plans Away at 937 Gallery from December 8, 2023 - March 17, 2024, featuring contemporary photography from Serbia. The exhibition is curated by Miroslav Karić and Sladjana Petrović Varagić, and is organized by Rachel Klipa. Please visit https://trustarts.org/ to learn more about the exhibition and its accompanying monthly film program at the Harris Theater.

A temporary "billboard" exhibition space in Tito Way features periodically rotating work. Currently on display is the #notwhite collective's Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy

More About Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy

Dreaming Forward/Abstract Joy is a message by the #notwhite collective from a future already present. From a decolonial future where the bodies of the global majority are free from hegemony abd nade visible, not as tokens but as icons. From a future where our difference is our glory and is woven into symbols of strength and camaraderie. From a future where technology and ancestral knowledge do not compete but align us towards a truly sustainable progress. This is a message of sisterhood, of radical joy, of fearlessness that speaks from a future that is already swelling in our hearts and minds.

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