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Cultural District Dining

Greer Cabaret Theater and Backstage Bar

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Please Note: The Greer Cabaret Theater and Backstage Bar are temporarily closed for renovation, set to reopen in 2023.

The Greer Cabaret Theater and the Backstage Bar are downtown’s premiere destinations for the intersection of culture, community, cocktails and cuisine. From fantastic theatrical productions on the Greer Cabaret stage to free music in the Backstage Bar’s intimate performance space, high-quality entertainment is on offer nearly every night of the week. Even more, the Backstage Bar serves up an extensive drinks selection and a casual dining menu to those enjoying a show in the theater or an evening at the bar. For Greer Cabaret Theater shows, the kitchen opens one hour prior to show time.

Downtown Dining

Pittsburgh is quickly becoming known as a city on the forefront of the culinary scene. The Cultural District is fortunate enough to be located right in the heart of Downtown, surrounded by dozens of restaurants, bars and eateries. No matter your taste of budget, enjoy a relaxing meal before a show or cocktails and dessert at the end of the night — all within easy walking distance from the Downtown theaters.

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